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Tex Perkins & The Fat Rubber Band (Beasts of Bourbon) (AUS)

TEX PERKINS is a key player of the Australian music scene and a real Rock ’n’ Roll icon. From the BEASTS of BOURBON to THE CRUEL SEA or the acclaimed Johnny Cash Tribute THE MAN IN BLACK, TEX projects are always about quality! And so it is his latest project, TEX PERKINS & THE FAT RUBBER BAND. Take a listen to this artist, you will love it. And if you know TEX well enough, then you know the live show won’t disappoint you and the fans!

Pris: 250 kr
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This is end times existential electric country funk folk rock swamp witch blues, its way out there, but it’s here right now.
The latest thrilling incarnation of master rock’n’roll storyteller Tex Perkins and the Fat Rubber Band began with a Link Wray record.
Perkins and his respected musician, songwriter, producer and bandmate Matt Walker share a mutual admiration of the American electric guitar innovator, whose iconic power chords in his signature 50s rock’n’roll instrumentals, had a profound influence on the evolution of rock guitar.