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The Long Ryders (US): Native Sons Tour

One of the Paisley Underground cult bands along with names such as The Dream Syndicate, Green on Red or The Bangles and the very founders of today’s Americana format! After the acclaimed releases of the recent albums ”Psychedelic Country Soul” & ”September November”, the band will treat their fans with a big surprise.

2024 marks the 40th year anniversary of their iconic album ”Native Sons”. The album has been re-released this January by Cherry Red Records, including a whole set of extras. Therefore the band decided to play an exclusive set and do ”Native Sons” track by track in its entirety. This is an unmissable chance to hear live some classic songs like ”Run Dusty Run” or ”I Had A Dream” or more obscure (great) tracks!

Pris: 295 kr
Köp biljett

Åldersgräns 18-år. I målsmans sällskap 13-år.

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