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Strengsbrew + The Maharajas

23 april @ 20:00 23:00

Strengsbrew: Keith Streng (The Fleshtones) Robert Eriksson (The Hellacopters) Måns Månsson (The Maggots) Jim Heneghan (The Solution) Strengsbrew are a charismatic and seasoned four-piece band hailing from the twin rock capitols of Stockholm, Sweden and Queens, New York. Formed in 2019 this quartet of musicians produces a sound that is so distinctive and unique, so heavy, driving, and melodic, that you can’t help but rock out as they totally dominate the mid-trans-atlantic music scene.Their unmistakable swagger, catchy riffs, and singalong melodies will present Strengsbrew to the ears and eyes of people all around the globe.

The Maharajas: Not many bands in the Universe can pull of pounding tunes and angst ballads like these fine Swedes. It’s infectious and addictive and makes you wanna drink, dance and holler.The Maharajas find influences from all good rock made between 1950 and today. Their albums is mix of garage rock, pubrock, pop, moody punk it’s a timeless rock’n’roll manifest without a best-before stamp.

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