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Mary Anne´s Polar Rig + Per och Olof

23 mars, 2023 @ 20:00 22:00

Rama Lama Records och MAPR bjuder in er alla för att fira bandets andra fullängdare Makes You Wonder äntligen ska nå dagens ljus! Albumet kommer att finnas till försäljning i fysiskt format (gatefold double-LP & CD). Dessutom ska verket också för första gången framföras i sin helhet tillsammans med ett fullt liveband. För att värma upp publiken denna kväll kommer även Per och Olof (Rama Lama Records) spela ett set av sina hjärtskärande indielåtar tillsammans med sitt band. Gitarrmusik på svenska, at it’s finest!

Pris: 150 kr
Köp biljett

Mary Anne’s Polar Rig take their name from a mining-station (now hotel) on the Arctic island of Svalbard, an identification that implies a little bit of toughness, an ability to take a few knocks and keep on rolling. You can certainly hear something of that in their sound – the Malmö duo, Malin Hofvander and Harald Ingvarsson, serve up rough-and-tumble rock and roll that can handle anything the world has to throw at it. And their new album Makes You Wonder, shape-shifting art rock that’s alternatively brooding and euphoric, is packed with their most ambitious, sprawling and irrepressible music yet.

Per och Olof is a Malmö based solo project and one of the latest signings to Rama Lama Records (Melby, Chez Ali, Wy, Kindsight etc.). Since early 2021, Per-Olof have introduced himself with a string of releases that have showcased his music that finds its strength in the simple and repetitive. The project was born after Per-Olof landed in Malmö after some years of moving around and studying at different art schools. He came to Malmö with a bunch of punk demos, took them to Joakim Lindberg’s (Wy, Arre Arre, Hey Elbow etc.) studio and polished them into pop songs. After having played in a lot of punk bands his whole life (including the great Alkoholisten och Avrådan – check them out), Per-Olof now wanted to slow down the tempo but keep the nerve.