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lokal-festivalen 17/8 – Fri Entre: Jonas Carping + Call it Garbo

17 augusti @ 14:00 23:00

I samarbete med Skånsk Live bjuder medley på en lokal festival med fri entré varje kväll. Bistro & bar öppnar kl 14.

På stora scenen ca kl. 19:00 CALL IT GARBO
A band trying to make some room in a already overcrowded scene. Car music for people who don’t drive cars.

På stora scenen ca kl. 21:00 JONAS CARPING
Jonas Carping is an artist and songwriter with a Folk Noir / Americana inspired repertoire. Carping has released 4 studio albums of which the latest ”The YLA Sessions” is a live-in-studio recording and his most successful release to date. Jonas Carping is based in Lund in the south of Sweden.