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Hannah Aldridge Band (US) / support: Lachlan Bryan (AUS)

30 juni, 2023 @ 20:00 23:00

Med plattan »Gold Rush« klev hon upp på tronen som Muscle Shoals egna Americana-drottning. Nu släpps äntligen uppföljaren “Dream of America”. Hannah kommer till medley med ett band som innehåller Jetbones frontman Gus och medlemmar från supportbandet Bryan Lachlan Band (AUS).

Pris: 200 kr
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”Hannah explores our deepest desires and makes them sound absolutely irresistible” No depression
“Hannah is surely carving out her own niche as a solo artist, adding an edge of classic rock into her country and Southern Soul heritage”//Tidal Magazine
”Listening to Aldridge’s music is a sonic treat, as stylistically she paints from many different musical brushes”//Billboard Magazine

Hannah Aldridge’s fierce Southern energy reaches through every speaker, whether it’s in a dashboard doing 80 down I-65, a rock club in Amsterdam or a Honky Tonk in her adopted hometown of Nashville. The new album treads a fine line between the genial charm of Americana, and the raw, hypnotic and occasionally electronic stylings of what some might like to call ‘noir indie pop’. It is music for those looking to confront their demons without remaining tethered to them.